more Giffany animations from Soos and the Real Girl

Gallery of .GIFFanies by friend of the show and master animator Paul Robertson!


Gravity Falls : Little Gift Shop of Horrors; Roughs to finished sculpted pieces.

Sorry for the delay on these but here is my rough concepts and designs for the stop-motion portion of this episode. This was the first time my work has been translated for stop-motion and it was pretty exciting. Stoopid Buddy did the sculpts and Alex even gave me a souvenir for my hard work. It’s sitting on top of my animation desk forever now.

also there’s the “Why?” monster, which might be the creepiest thing I’ve designed yet.

Robertryan Cory’s designs for the “clay” monstrosities in our Ray Harryhausen tribute “Clay Day!”

Animated amazingly by the hard working geniuses at Stoopid Buddy Studios!  (I have to call them hard working geniuses to make up for calling them anti-social shut-ins in the show)  But seriously- they did phenomenal work! 


Out today? Who knows! It’s a mystery!

But yes, yes the Gravity Falls book is out today. Despite the cover that claims a couple of fictional characters wrote the book, it was in fact me and Rob Renzetti who co-authored the book! Another mystery solved!

This hardcover book is chock full of mystery, fun, puzzles, codes, and cool stuff! It’s in full color, has a pull out poster, and is perfect for hiding all of your supernatural secrets! We tried to pack it full of as many cool things as we could and I’m very happy and proud of how it turned out. If you’re a fan of Gravity Falls, you’ll love this book!

Thanks to Alex Hirsch for all his great notes, punch-ups, and for creating a great show!

Dipper & Mabel’s first book is out today! 


Want to know the best way to thwart the ghost that haunts your local convenience store? Or how to crack a top secret code? Find out in this jam-packed guide featuring tips, activities, and the show’s trademark quirky humor. From Dipper’s advice on how to handle the supernatural, to unlocking codes and ciphers, to taking Mabel’s fun quizzes, this imaginative guide is sure to be a hit with fans of the show! This hardcover book in the best-selling Guide to Life format features 160 pages of hilarious journal entries, full-color images, and a double-sided pull-out poster!

Pre-order today on!

A neat preview of our new book, Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop fun, which includes a glossy pull out map & Sev’ral Timez poster, as well as some big hidden secrets that are pretty tough to decode! The perfect gift for the little Dipper in your life

Written by Rob Renzetti and Shane Houghton and featuring illustrations by our fantastic character designer Stephanie Ramirez (Follow her at!) 


the mechanical man of my dreams

Emmy C is pure gold


the mechanical man of my dreams

Emmy C is pure gold


Before boarding Soos and the Real Girl, we had a couple of days to think up some concept for the new characters in the episode.

Alonso came up with the final design for Melody pretty much instantly, and I played around with some Giffany concepts, because if I were allowed I would only ever draw villain characters from now until the end of time. Villains are just super interesting, okay??

We didn’t have the full script at the time, so for these early sketches I played around a bit with what kind of person Giffany might be. I always end up overthinking things like: Did Giffany start off as an evil video game or did she slowly turn into one? It must be pretty sad to be constantly returned back to the store, it’s like a life of … infinite rejection. I think that’d make anyone crazy. @_@

It’s a bunch of unnecessary navel-gazing, but I’d like to think that maybe some of that pathos shows through in the drawings. IDK! :P

Control + Alt + Delightful! 


Gravity Falls: Soos and the Real Girls Roughs

First let me say if you’ve liked the last 2 episodes, give some props to Matt Braly who directed both of them. This episode was his baby and I watched him develop this thing from the ground up.

Second, this isn’t inspired by Friday Night at Freddy’s or whatever it’s called. It’s inspired by Showbiz pizza which most kids that grew up in the 80’s spent time in.

Third a lot of people have asked me about my comment of being done with GF in February, to clarify, I’ll be done drawing the second season around then. It’ll take time for those episodes to finally reach your tv/internet thievery. My future beyond that is uncertain.

Alonso Ramirez Ramos pretty much designed Giffany’s animatronic form and I just revised a few things. My buddy Sunil Hall took a picture of me drawing that gross Hoo Ha Owl logo midway, so I included that so you can see a bit of the process.

RobertRyan Cory! If you look closely at his neck you can see his animatronic wires 


Enjoy tonight’s episode everyone!  

From Matt Braly, this episode’s director/waifu


Enjoy tonight’s episode everyone!  

From Matt Braly, this episode’s director/waifu


New episode of Gravity Falls TONIGHT!!

This was my first episode as a board artist! I will post one of my sequences after the episode airs :D

I think it was Alonso’s idea to put Soos in a traditional Japanese wedding robe. Not sure if that scene made it into the final cut?? But it was cute!

From one of our best board artists, Sabrina Cotugno! 


Soos and the Real Girl marks my first episode storyboarding for Gravity Falls!

I was so nervous, I had no idea what I was doing back then. Thank goodness for our wonderful, hilarious director Matt Braly ( radrappy ) for being SO patient and so encouraging. Thank you Matt!!

On this episode, I board alongside the INCREDIBLE  Sabringa Cotugno ( arythusa ) and Alonso Ramirez. They’re both so insanely talented and kind. I was starstruck from day 1 and still am!

Enjoy the silly fruits of our labor!

Soos and the Real Girl premieres Monday, September 22 on Disney XD at 8:30 PM! Check your local listings!!!

Boy meets Manic Pixel Dream Girl in “Soos & The Real Girl” premiering tomorrow!